motion + interaction: little rock media production & development consulting.

Canticle provides media consulting services to agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporate clients. Leverage our experience in media production digital development by outsourcing creative projects to our dedicated team of consultants. Need to build an small business ecommerce site, produce motion graphics for a television spot, or walk through a Liberian ebola unit in a hazmat suit? We've done it.


Motion Graphics

Animation, editing, motion graphics, TV spots. After Effects and Final Cut are essential tools & we're not afraid to use them.


Web Development

We like spartan code and pixel-perfect visuals. Interested in developing a mobile app, an ecommerce system, or just a static website? We'll do it.


Video Production

We've filmed in 21 countries, ridden motorbikes through Uganda, taken cameras to the center of Kibera & driven 3000km through India.


Interactive Media

Boost the visibiity, traffic, & profitability of your brand by the use of interaction + motion. We'll help you grab your audience's attention.

Outsource your media production & web development needs to a local team of creatives.

Is your branding manifested through a promo video, micro-documentary, TV spot, animation, motion graphics, mobile app, or a simple website? Increase profitability, efficiency, and return on your marketing investment by consulting with Canticle. We’re fueled by the power of visuals and communication.


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We’re located in Little Rock, but the first commercial airline flight was in 1914. One hundred years later, it's 2014. Give us a shout. We’ll fly to you.

Gil Gildner

Creative Director

Normally installed into the corner of (any) coffeeshop. Nestled snugly in downtown Little Rock. Filming, editing, and After Effects junkie. Digs coffee, Silversun Pickups, airports, and could rebuild a diesel engine if you forced him to.

Ashton Kinslow

Technical Lead

Nerds aren't always introverts. Developer currently located in Dallas. Leans towards open source, singing off-key, White Russians, C#, C++, PHP, JavaScript, and actually stars as an unlockable character in a paintball video game.

John Packer

Graphic Designer

Probably nicest guy you've met. Designer based just outside of Atlanta. Really into electric bass, comics, eagles, art, and a literal rockstar bassist who's toured the United States melting the faces off thousands of alternative rock fans.

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About Canticle

Canticle provides media production & digital development consulting through motion + interaction. Give us a call, holler at us if you're in Little Rock, or visit us at Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.