motion + interaction: little rock media production & development consulting.


Motion + Production

Animation, editing, motion graphics, TV spots. We've filmed in 22 countries, spent 20-hour jaunts in After Effects, ridden motorbikes through Uganda, taken cameras to the center of Kibera & driven 3000km through India.


Interaction + Development

We like spartan code & pixel-perfect visuals, everything from a database backend to a mobile app to a bootstrapped website. Python, C#, C++, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS are all languages we speak.

Outsource production & development to an exclusive team of creatives.

We're fueled by the power of visuals and communication. Canticle crafts digital content & strategies for nonprofit, academic, and corporate clients. Increase profitability, efficiency, and return on marketing through creating a story with Canticle.


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Watch a few of our latest reels to get a feel for what we do & where we go

Liberian ebola units in hazmat suits. Beaches in Costa Rica. On a ship in the British Channel. In a middle-America cubicle with animated financial graphs. We've got it.

We’re located in Little Rock, but the first commercial airline flight was in 1914. One hundred years later, it's 2014. Give us a shout. We’ll fly to you.

Gil Gildner

Normally installed into the corner of (any) coffeeshop. Nestled snugly in downtown Little Rock. Travel junkie & airport groupie. Functions as creative director. Spreadsheet addict.

After Effects Premiere Pro Final Cut Motorcycles HTML5 CSS3 PBR Nikon BMW

Ashton Kinslow

Nerds aren't always introverts. Currently located in the middle of Dallas-Fort Worth sprawl. Open source proponent. Serves as technical lead, which is probably why he cannot sing.

.NET PHP C# JavaScript White Russians Paintball Mobile Dev C++ SQL

John Packer

Probably the nicest guy you've met. Graphic designer based just outside of Atlanta. Rockstar bassist who's toured the United States melting the faces off thousands of alternative rock fans.

Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Electric Bass Eagles Art Comics Drawing Design

Contact Canticle

Canticle, LLC
111 E. Markham #B709
Little Rock, AR 72201
+1 501 607 0501

About Canticle

Canticle crafts digital content & strategies for nonprofit, academic, and corporate clients. We provide media production & digital development consulting through motion + interaction. Give us a call, holler at us if you're in Little Rock, or visit us at Vimeo, Twitter, or Facebook..